Hire a car with a tow bar West Midlands

Are you in need of a car that has a tow bar for a specific job such as moving a caravan which you may only need to do once a year and may not have  a tow bar fitted to your own vehicle or maybe if you need to do a certain job such as moving a vehicle where you would need to hire a trailer.  If so, Trailer Hire West Midlands can help you. 

We have a 4 wheel drive Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8 diesel which is equipped with a tow bar and electrics and is ready for hire at very reasonable rates.  This vehicle has proven popular with Trailer Hire West Midlands as part of our hire fleet as most people only need a car with a tow bar maybe once a year to carry out a specific job they have in mind such as moving a caravan, or picking up a new car, or simply towing a trailer around.  Therefore hiring a 4 wheel drive could prove a much cheaper option than actually having a tow bar fitted to your own vehicle and our Mitsubishi Pajero is also a 7 seater so could be used for your next holiday, days out etc where you seat all of your family comfortably.  If you are in need to hire a car with a tow bar fitted and you are in or around the West Midlands area, give Trailer Hire West Midlands a call where we will be pleased to discuss your hire needs.