Motorcycle trailer hire

As we are now in spring and summer is fast approaching, here at Trailer Hire West Midlands we have noticed the increase of motorcycle trailer hire.  We have a selection of trailers which can cater for any type of motorbike such as our trelgo 2 bike trailer which can hold 2 bikes and which is also very stable to hold just one bike.  We have had large bikes moved on this trailer such as a honda goldwing and on another occassion someone had their 1600 cc show bike on the one side so this trailer is very flexible for either 1 or 2 motorcycles.

We also have a large 10ft x 5ft x 6ft high box van trailer with a ramp on the back which can also be used to transport a motorbike if you did not want any adverse weather conditions to effect the bike or alternatively can cater for longer bikes such as choppers.

Whatever your motorcycle trailer hire needs, whether it be to moving your bike, going on a track day or going scrambling on a weekend, contact Trailer Hire West Midlands, based in Studley, Warwickshire and prebook your trailer in advance.