Hire a trailer to move your garden waste

At this time of year, here at Trailer Hire West Midlands we have noticed a big increase in people hiring a trailer to move their ever mounting garden waste as there is so much that comes out of the garden in the summer months, especially with all of those extra jobs, pruning of the hedges, trees and shrubs!

Alot of people are landscaping their gardens at this time of year which creates an awful lot of waste and rubbish, with very bulky items such as rocks and rubble.  People are also putting in fish ponds which can also create alot of mud and rubble and possibly even removing old garden sheds and replacing with new garden sheds, which again creates alot of rubbish which need to be disposed of at refuse centres or recycling centre.

There is normally so much extra garden waste and garden rubbish that it will not go into your bins, so a good way of removing this without damaging the boot of your vehicle and making several trips to the tip, a good way of disposing this in one go is to hire a trailer.

When you cost up all of the separate journeys you would take to the tip and the damage it could cause to the boot of your car, coupled with the cleaning that you would have to do afterwards to your car, it makes a lot of sense to hire a general duty trailer which does not work out at a lot of money and can be simply hooked up to the back of your vehicle and you do not need any extra categories on your licence to tow this trailer.

Also if you do not have a car with a tow bar we offer another service of a 4WD hire vehicle, so to avoid disappointment phone us today to reserve your trailer.



General duty Trailer Hire West Midlands

Here at Trailer Hire West Midlands in the summer of 2017 we are finding that our general duty trailers are in demand as the weather is good and people are getting out and about to get all of those general duty jobs carried out that they have been meaning to do all year, and also wondering how they were going to do it and move that awkward load that they did not want to put in the boot of their car, so thought they would hire a general duty trailer.

You can hire a trailer with sides so that you can really fit some large amounts of various items into these trailers and which will not fall out on your journey.  There are many uses that these type of trailers have, you could do an attic clearance and also all of your old unwanted items and take these and your general bric a brac, to your local car boot sale.

Or you may be planning a small building or rennovation job to your house or garden, where you can go to your local builders merchant or DIY store and pick up all of the materials you would require and get them all into a general duty trailer without doing any damage or dirtying the boot of your vehicle.

Also if your car does not have a tow bar, here at Trailer Hire West Midlands we could hire you a 4WD vehicle with a tow bar at very competitive rates.  So to avoid disappointment and before the winter sets in dont hesitate today and pre-book your trailer with us,if you are in the West Midlands or surronding areas.



Move a caravan with a four wheel drive hire car West Midlands

Here at Trailer Hire West Midlands as the summer season is now in full flow we are receiving alot of phone calls from people who are enquiring about our 4WD vehicles to hire to move their caravan that they have just pulled out of storage or that they have cleaned up ready to take to their holiday destination of their choice weather in the UK or Europe!

This happens at the roughly the same time each year and seems especially busy this year in 2017 as the cost of package holidays abroad are still rising year on year and more people are deciding to holiday in the United Kingdom with a caravan which really is a cheaper alternative way of spending your holidays.  It is important that you have the right tow vehicle to move a caravan due to the correct towing weight needed to do the job legally and safely.  Some people think that because they have a 2 or 3 litre vehicle with a tow bar that this is sufficient to tow a caravan when it couldn’t be further from the truth as using the incorrect towing vehicle could not only right your caravan and towing vehicle off it could also cost lives….

Here at Trailer Hire West Midlands, we have the correct tow vehicles to tow a caravan comfortabley as they have a 3500kgs gross towing capacity and with this vehicle towing your caravan, you can tow it to your chosen destination, not only in comfort but that you are also towing within the law and will arrive at your destination safely, giving you great peace of mind.

So if you have a caravan to move out of caravan storage or are going on a caravan holiday, do not hesitate any longer and get in touch with us today in order to book in advance your four wheel drive hire car.



Hire a camping trailer with 4WD tow vehicle West Midlands

Here at Trailer Hire West Midlands the 2017 camping season has already kicked off from April and May with record numbers of campers escaping to camp sites both in the UK and abroad.  Our camping trailers are already getting booked in for the coming summer months, especially as we offer a 4WD tow vehicle for your convenience if you do not have a tow bar on your vehicle or perhaps do not wish to put the strain of towing on your own vehicle.

We have a wide range of camping trailers available which are very competitively priced and which you would comfortably fit all of your camping equipment including push bikes and all the essentials you would need for your holiday.  A camping trailer and four wheel drive tow vehicle are essential for a hassle free camping holiday as it is very difficult to fit everything you need into a vehicle aswell as the family and the dog!

The peak summer months are already upon us and we are booking up fast, camp sites are getting fully booked and so are we, so we recommend you plan your trip and hire of your camping trailer in advance.  People are travelling quite some distance to hire a camping trailer from Trailer Hire West Midlands as we supply all of the local areas such as Gloucestershire, West Midlands, Warwickshire, Solihull, Worcestershire, Birmingham and even as far afield as Lichfield and the Cotswolds.

Camping trailers are easy to tow and you do not need any special requirements on your licence to tow one.  Trailer Hire West Midlands can also supply you with a rear number plate for the back of the trailer making you fully road legal and ready to set off.  If you require any further information or would like to book any of our camping trailers, or view our selection of other trailers please do not hesitate to contact us or view our website.

Replacement Numberplate

Over the last two years at Trailer Hire West Midlands we have been extremely busy with new customers. In order to keep customers who hire car transporter trailers, motor bike trailers, camping trailers and plant trailers within the legal guidelines set by the DVLA we have invested in number plate making equipment. Hiring a trailer and having a number plate made for you in one place relieves customers from the stress of hiring.

Number plates can be made for customers hiring from Evesham, Stratford Upon Avon, Cheltenham, Pershore and surrounding towns. A number plate can be made for all customers collecting a trailer at a competitive price. Front and rear number plates can be made for all types of vehicles.

It is through customer requests that Trailer Hire West Midlands now offers a number plate making service for the rental of trailers and customers wishing to replace or carry a spare number plate for use on a trailer, caravan, motorbike or motorhome. Customers have also requested personalised number plates to place in the cab of lorries, campervans or to use as signs for a business.

Trailer Hire West Midlands can make new and replacement number plates Monday-Sunday by appointment.



Trailer hire of areas north of Evesham

Trailer Hire West Midlands have been experiencing higher than usual demands for their services  as more and more people have been passing the word on about the amount of different trailers and 4WD hire that we offer.  Especially from areas north of Evesham such as Inkberrow, Harvington, Throckmorton, Upton Snodsbury, Peopleton, Broughton Hackett and Crowle.  People in these local communities have told their friends and family that we offer such things as 4WD hire and we have found that a lot of these customers have needed their caravan re-sited or going on holiday and have needed to hire either a 4WD with a tow bar on it’s own, or the vehicle and a trailer to carry all their luggage. 

The trailers for hire that we have on our fleet include 3 different types of car trailers so that whichever vehicle you need to move, including van’s as we have an extra wide trailer to accommodate these.  In order to pull these trailers, you will need a substantial 4WD vehicle to tow these weights.  However, if you do not have such a vehicle we can supply this for you to hire also.  In addition to this, we have several different sizes of box van trailers so that you can move anything from a small amount of luggage to moving house.

Therefore if you are in areas north of Evesham such as Inkberrow, Harvington, Throckmorton, Pinvin, Upton Snodsbury, Peopleton, Broughton Hackett and Crowle, please do not hesitate to contact Trailer Hire West Midlands today and we will be pleased to run you through step by step the services that we have on offer and assist you during your time with us.


Trailer hire Cheltenham

Have you been looking to hire a trailer and live in or around the Cheltenham area and may have been struggling to find a reputable trailer hire company that offers a large and well maintained selection of trailers ready for hire?  Then look no further as Trailer Hire West Midlands are specialists in this industry.  Year on year we have been growing and expanding our business to cater for every eventuality and different types of trailers that people require for a range of different purposes. 

We have found recently that a large number of customers have been travelling from the Cheltenham area to use our services and have reported to us that it has been hard to find a trailer for what they were looking for and were so happy to find us and use our services.  We offer help and advice on various issues such as the correct towing weights of your vehicle so that you do not choose the wrong trailer for what you need and for what your car is not capable of towing, therefore ensuring both your safety and staying within the legal requirements. 

If your vehicle is not suitable a specific trailer, then we can also offer a 4WD tow vehicle which is capable of towing 3300 kgs so that you can go about your business knowing that you are perfectly safe and legal to do so. 

So for those of you around the Cheltenham area please check out our website or give us a call today and we will be pleased to assist you.


Trailer hire Honeybourne

Trailer Hire West Midlands are finding that year on year we are having the same customers returning again and again to hire a trailer from us and use our services as they were so impressed with not only the price and quality of our trailers, but also the service they receive.  As word spreads amongst local communities such as Honeybourne in Evesham we are finding we are receiving business through recommendations to family, friends, neighbours and colleagues. 

We have a great selection of small box van camping trailers which at this time of the year start to be booked up quickly in advance as the weather becomes warmer.  These are a great size to store equipment, bikes and luggage so that you can comfortably go away on your camping holiday and take all of your luggage and extra items away with you with ease.  For those families who do not have a suitable vehicle with a tow bar, we also have 2 Mitsubishi Pajero’s which come equipped with a tow bar and also for larger families these 4WD vehicles are also 7 seaters’. 

Whatever your trailer hire needs if you are based in or around the Honeybourne area of Evesham, then Trailer Hire West Midlands is your number one choice.  Please visit our website for full details of our fleet of trailers, together with prices.



Hire a car with a tow bar West Midlands

Are you in need of a car that has a tow bar for a specific job such as moving a caravan which you may only need to do once a year and may not have  a tow bar fitted to your own vehicle or maybe if you need to do a certain job such as moving a vehicle where you would need to hire a trailer.  If so, Trailer Hire West Midlands can help you. 

We have a 4 wheel drive Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8 diesel which is equipped with a tow bar and electrics and is ready for hire at very reasonable rates.  This vehicle has proven popular with Trailer Hire West Midlands as part of our hire fleet as most people only need a car with a tow bar maybe once a year to carry out a specific job they have in mind such as moving a caravan, or picking up a new car, or simply towing a trailer around.  Therefore hiring a 4 wheel drive could prove a much cheaper option than actually having a tow bar fitted to your own vehicle and our Mitsubishi Pajero is also a 7 seater so could be used for your next holiday, days out etc where you seat all of your family comfortably.  If you are in need to hire a car with a tow bar fitted and you are in or around the West Midlands area, give Trailer Hire West Midlands a call where we will be pleased to discuss your hire needs.

Trailer hire Salford Priors

People are travelling from outside of the West Midlands area from areas such as Salford Priors, Worcestershire to use the services of Trailer Hire West Midlands as there are not many local trailer hire companies to choose from and we have a great selection of trailers which are ready for hire all of which are leading brands such as Ifor Williams, Brian James and many more all of which are less than 12 months old so they are reliable for your journey.

We have car transporter trailers of all different sizes so whatever vehicle you are needing to move we will make sure you have the right one for your needs.  We also have a selection of box van trailers so that whatever job you have in mind you will be sure to find a suitable one.  We also have general duty trailers of different sizes so you can get all of those awkward jobs done and out of the way which you have probably been thinking about getting finished!  We also have motorcycle trailers so that you can move or collect your motorbikes.

If you do not have a suitable tow vehicle for towing any of our trailers we have a 7 seater mitsubishi pajero for hire.  Not only is the pajero suitable to tow all our trailers, it can also be hired on its own for day trips, holidays etc.

Whatever your trailer hire needs, visit Trailer Hire West Midlands today for a competitive quote.  Please also note we are open 7 days a week for your convenience.