Hire a flatbed trailer to move an awkward load

Trailer Hire West Midlands have a selection of large flatbed trailers for hire which are capable of moving an awkward load which is of an unusual shape and many other things also such as a car, long pieces of timber, an array of building materials.  We even had a customer who went to collect a small aeroplane from France last year when he hired an 18ft flatbed from us that had a winch equiped to it that allowed him to load the plane on to the trailer.  This particular customer also hired from us a 4WD tow vehicle as it was a substantial load that he was pulling.

Trailer Hire West Midlands can supply state of the art flatbed trailers of various sizes and different load capabilities where you can put on even a large four wheel drive vehicle as some of these vehicles are capable of towing a weight of 3500kgs gross weight.

We also have a regular client who builds large wooden outhouses such as offices, sheds, summer houses and cabins etc.  The only way of transporting these large ready made panels which are awkward loads to move is to hire a flatbed trailer.

So whatever load you are considering loading which you thought was too big or bulky to go into a standard size van, then do not hesitate to contact us here at Trailer Hire West Midlands where we can give you the best advise for your trailer hire needs.