Flatbed trailer hire

At Trailer Hire West Midlands where we are based in Studley, Warwickshire we offer flatbed trailer hire with our Ifor Williams 15’x6’8″ which has a 3500 kgs gross carrying capacity.  It also has a tiltbed with a mesh ramp on the back so is capable of also getting vehicles onto it.  For those vehicles which are slightly longer than this it has a removable head board so that they can fit on.  There is also a winch attached for vehicles that do not drive so that they can be winched on.

Flatbeds have many uses such as carrying heavy bulky items such as machinery, tractors and lately we have even had a couple of hot tubs moved using a flatbed trailer.  We will also be acquiring a larger flatbed car trailer on 16th April 2013 which is 18’x7′ so is capable of carrying those larger vehicles and very long and bulk objects.  We also have two smaller flatbed trailers for those smaller jobs and one of them is an Ifor Williams GD84 which is 8’x4′ and is capable of carrying around one tonne and is fitted with mesh sides.  The second smaller flatbed is an Ifor williams GD105 which is capable of carrying approximately 2 tonnes and is a twin axel trailer measuring 10’x5′ so you can get your heavier items on this smaller compact trailer.

Should you be looking to transport or move a large heavy or bulky item then visit Trailer Hire West Midlands today.