Hire a trailer to move your garden waste

At this time of year, here at Trailer Hire West Midlands we have noticed a big increase in people hiring a trailer to move their ever mounting garden waste as there is so much that comes out of the garden in the summer months, especially with all of those extra jobs, pruning of the hedges, trees and shrubs!

Alot of people are landscaping their gardens at this time of year which creates an awful lot of waste and rubbish, with very bulky items such as rocks and rubble.  People are also putting in fish ponds which can also create alot of mud and rubble and possibly even removing old garden sheds and replacing with new garden sheds, which again creates alot of rubbish which need to be disposed of at refuse centres or recycling centre.

There is normally so much extra garden waste and garden rubbish that it will not go into your bins, so a good way of removing this without damaging the boot of your vehicle and making several trips to the tip, a good way of disposing this in one go is to hire a trailer.

When you cost up all of the separate journeys you would take to the tip and the damage it could cause to the boot of your car, coupled with the cleaning that you would have to do afterwards to your car, it makes a lot of sense to hire a general duty trailer which does not work out at a lot of money and can be simply hooked up to the back of your vehicle and you do not need any extra categories on your licence to tow this trailer.

Also if you do not have a car with a tow bar we offer another service of a 4WD hire vehicle, so to avoid disappointment phone us today to reserve your trailer.



Hire a flatbed trailer to move an awkward load

Trailer Hire West Midlands have a selection of large flatbed trailers for hire which are capable of moving an awkward load which is of an unusual shape and many other things also such as a car, long pieces of timber, an array of building materials.  We even had a customer who went to collect a small aeroplane from France last year when he hired an 18ft flatbed from us that had a winch equiped to it that allowed him to load the plane on to the trailer.  This particular customer also hired from us a 4WD tow vehicle as it was a substantial load that he was pulling.

Trailer Hire West Midlands can supply state of the art flatbed trailers of various sizes and different load capabilities where you can put on even a large four wheel drive vehicle as some of these vehicles are capable of towing a weight of 3500kgs gross weight.

We also have a regular client who builds large wooden outhouses such as offices, sheds, summer houses and cabins etc.  The only way of transporting these large ready made panels which are awkward loads to move is to hire a flatbed trailer.

So whatever load you are considering loading which you thought was too big or bulky to go into a standard size van, then do not hesitate to contact us here at Trailer Hire West Midlands where we can give you the best advise for your trailer hire needs.



Hire a camping trailer with 4WD tow vehicle West Midlands

Here at Trailer Hire West Midlands the 2017 camping season has already kicked off from April and May with record numbers of campers escaping to camp sites both in the UK and abroad.  Our camping trailers are already getting booked in for the coming summer months, especially as we offer a 4WD tow vehicle for your convenience if you do not have a tow bar on your vehicle or perhaps do not wish to put the strain of towing on your own vehicle.

We have a wide range of camping trailers available which are very competitively priced and which you would comfortably fit all of your camping equipment including push bikes and all the essentials you would need for your holiday.  A camping trailer and four wheel drive tow vehicle are essential for a hassle free camping holiday as it is very difficult to fit everything you need into a vehicle aswell as the family and the dog!

The peak summer months are already upon us and we are booking up fast, camp sites are getting fully booked and so are we, so we recommend you plan your trip and hire of your camping trailer in advance.  People are travelling quite some distance to hire a camping trailer from Trailer Hire West Midlands as we supply all of the local areas such as Gloucestershire, West Midlands, Warwickshire, Solihull, Worcestershire, Birmingham and even as far afield as Lichfield and the Cotswolds.

Camping trailers are easy to tow and you do not need any special requirements on your licence to tow one.  Trailer Hire West Midlands can also supply you with a rear number plate for the back of the trailer making you fully road legal and ready to set off.  If you require any further information or would like to book any of our camping trailers, or view our selection of other trailers please do not hesitate to contact us or view our website.

Trailer Hire Mickleton

Here at Trailer Hire West Midlands we are finding that people from new areas such as Mickleton in Gloucestershire are travelling to use our trailer hire services as we have a great selection of trailers to choose from and all at very competitive prices.  As the summer is hotting up we are finding that people are getting out and about to do all of those jobs that they have been waiting to get to, but that a trailer is required such as a general duty which could be used for all garden rubbish and waste that needs clearing and taking to the refuge.  Or possibly you need to move a car that you have just purchased that needs MoT and Tax and you need to hire a car trailer, or possibly if it was a bike one of our bike trailers, or alternatively you are planning a holiday or camping trip so you would need one of our small box van trailers or moving something bigger where you would need a large box van trailer.

Whatever your trailer hire needs are and you are based in or around the Mickleton area of Gloucestershire then do not hesitate to give us a call today to see if we have something suitable for you and also do not forget if you do not have a suitable tow vehicle then we also hire out a Mitsubishi Pajero 4WD 7 seater.


New arrival of large Ifor Williams box van with roller shutter door

Due to demand and the growth of Trailer Hire West Midlands where we are based in Studley, Warwickshire we have recently added a 10ft x 5ft x 6ft headroom Ifor Williams box van with a roller shutter door at the back for ease loading and extra security.  This trailer has proved to be very popular with the ever growing number of people who are finding out about the services that Trailer Hire West Midlands has to offer. 

This box van has already been on a trip to Bulgaria where a customer also hired our 4WD Mitsubishi Pajero which was a perfect accompaniment to this Ifor Williams box van trailer for the customers who were moving into their new holiday home.  Both the trailer and the 4WD covered 5000 miles there and back without a single hitch.  Our customer was very happy as they hired for competitive rates and obtained a reliable 4WD and trailer. 

Please take a look at our website for any further information or simply contact us directly where we will be only too pleased to assist you or help with any queries which you may have.

Arrival of new Erde 3 bike motorcycle trailer for hire

Due to the increasing number of people who are hiring motorcycle trailers from us here at Trailer Hire West Midlands, we have just purchased an Erde 3 bike motorcycle trailer which is now ready for hire.  This trailer can be used for transporting 1, 2 or 3 motorcycles.  Whether you have just purchased a motorbike off for example ebay and it needs picking up, or you are going on track days, or alternatively possibly needing to transport your motorcycle for an MoT then you may want to give our new Erde 3 bike motorcycle trailer a try as it is a very sturdy, safe and reliable trailer.   Trailer Hire West Midlands are open 7 days a week for your convenience and are based in Studley, Warwickshire, so whatever your hire needs give us a try today.

Classic car show Ragley Hall

Here at Trailer Hire West Midlands we have had people contacting us who are going to the classic car show at Ragley Hall this bank holiday and needing to hire a car trailer to transport their classic and kit cars to the show.  These classic cars are owners pride and joy and are highly polished and sometimes may not be taxed or MOT’d as they are purely for show purposes so owners are in need of hiring a car trailer and this is where we can help.

Here at Trailer Hire West Midlands we have several car trailers of various sizes ready for hire to accommodate whatever classic car you are moving you can be sure that we will be able to help you.  We also supply all of the ratchet straps for you to safely secure your vehicle to the trailer.

So if you are visiting the classic car show at Ragley Hall this bank holiday and still need to be able to transport your vehicle to the show, be sure to contact Trailer Hire West Midlands as we are based in Studley, Warwickshire which is within 10 minutes of Ragley Hall and just 10 minutes from motorway connections such as the M42.

We also have a 4WD 7 seater vehicle ready for hire if you do not have a suitable tow car and we are open 7 days for your convenience.


Trailer hire Southam

As more and more people are finding out about the services that Trailer Hire West Midlands offer, they are travelling from areas such as Southam in Warwickshire, as it is just 20 minutes drive from where we are based in Studley, Warwickshire.

People are finding out on a daily basis about our flexibility of opening hours of 7 days a week and the selection of trailers for hire which we have so that you are guaranteed to have the right one to suit your needs.

In addition to trailers we also have on our fleet a Mitsubishi Pajero 7 seater vehicle for hire, which is ideal if you do not have a suitable towing vehicle.  You can hire this 4WD at the same time as you collect your trailer for a number of purposes ie not putting the wear on your own vehicle such as the clutch and many other compenents and most of all to ensure it is safe and you have the correct towing vehicle and towing capacity.

It maybe you just require the hire of the vehicle on it’s own for holidays, family trips and make use of the extra space 7 seats would provide you with.

Whatever your trailer needs and if you are based in or around the Southam area of Warwickshire, be sure to visit Trailer Hire West Midlands today and we will be pleased to assist you.


Trailer Hire Lichfield

Have you been looking for a trailer hire company in or around the Lichfield area, if so Trailer Hire West Midlands can help.  We are within easy access of the Lichfield area as we are just 10 minutes off J3 of the M42.

Here we have a great selection of nearly new trailers which are all ready for hire and can be put to many uses.  We have a good selection of camping and box van trailers which can be used for holidays and those weekends away and which are becoming evermore popular these days with people holidaying in the UK more often.

We have 3 car transporter trailers so that whatever your vehicle you can be sure we will have the right trailer for your needs.  We also have motorcycle trailers which are very popular at this time of year, with people going to track days, moving newly purchased motorcylces.  In addition to these we also have general duty trailers which have many uses.

Whatever your trailer hire needs, if you are looking for trailer hire Lichfield and are struggling to find a trailer hire company then be sure to Trailer Hire West Midlands for a competitive quote today.


Arrival of Brian James TT series car transporter trailer

Trailer Hire West Midlands have had a delivery of our new Brian James TT series car transporter trailer which measures 18ft x 7ft wide so is capable of carrying extra long and extra wide vehicles.  This will benefit both past and present customers as the call for this type of trailer is high due to the length of a lot of modern vehicles and estate cars and vans which have extra wide wheel base.

We are offering this trailer for hire for a competitive price and as you will find with Brian James trailers it is very streamlined and easy to tow so you will be happy to hire it.

If you do not have a suitable tow vehicle then we can help with this too as we have a Mitsubishi Pajero 7 seater car which has a towing capacity of 3300 kgs which is also ready to hire.  If you have any queries on our new Brian James TT series car transporter trailer then we will be only too pleased to help.