Car transporter hire

Are you in need of car transporter hire and if so Trailer Hire West Midlands can help as we currently have two car transporter trailers one is a 14ft Brian James trailer which is capable carrying of 2050 kgs and also has a winch on it for those vehicles which are none runners.  The second is an Ifor Williams flatbed car transporter trailer which is 15ft long and also has a removeable head board for those larger vehicles.  Again this comes with a winch for none running vehicles.  This trailer is capable of carrying approximately 2600 kgs.

We also have on order a larger car transporter trailer which will be 18ft x 7ft for those extra large vehicles.  Whatever your transportation needs whether it be to move a classic car through to a large 4WD vehicle, or even an extra large van with a wide wheel base, you can be sure that Trailer Hire West Midlands, where we are based in Studley, Warwickshire,  will be able to help you with your hire needs.