Trailer hire Salford Priors

People are travelling from outside of the West Midlands area from areas such as Salford Priors, Worcestershire to use the services of Trailer Hire West Midlands as there are not many local trailer hire companies to choose from and we have a great selection of trailers which are ready for hire all of which are leading brands such as Ifor Williams, Brian James and many more all of which are less than 12 months old so they are reliable for your journey.

We have car transporter trailers of all different sizes so whatever vehicle you are needing to move we will make sure you have the right one for your needs.  We also have a selection of box van trailers so that whatever job you have in mind you will be sure to find a suitable one.  We also have general duty trailers of different sizes so you can get all of those awkward jobs done and out of the way which you have probably been thinking about getting finished!  We also have motorcycle trailers so that you can move or collect your motorbikes.

If you do not have a suitable tow vehicle for towing any of our trailers we have a 7 seater mitsubishi pajero for hire.  Not only is the pajero suitable to tow all our trailers, it can also be hired on its own for day trips, holidays etc.

Whatever your trailer hire needs, visit Trailer Hire West Midlands today for a competitive quote.  Please also note we are open 7 days a week for your convenience.


Box van trailer hire

There are many uses that box van trailer hire can be put to, as an example our small box van trailer has just been hired by a travel company who towed this type of trailer onto his 17 seater minibus for a recent excursion.  The company managed to fit inside 22 suitcases and several pieces of handluggage.  This goes to show how much you can store in a small box van.  these box van’s measure 6ft x 4ft x 4ft.  These type of trailers prove popular all year round for camping and various holidays.

We also have large box van trailers which measure 10ft long x 5ft wide with 6ft headroom so that you can comfortably walk inside for ease of access.  One of these trailers is fitted with a ramp on the back so if you have large or bulky items that need wheeling in, then you would be able to do this with this trailer.  These large box van trailers are very versatile and be used for numerous jobs especially useful for large bulky items.

Here at Trailer Hire West Midlands we have several of each kind in stock so that you can be sure that whichever type of trailer you are in need of these will be available for hire.  Our trailers are all top quality trailers such as Ifor Williams, giving you security and confidence when hiring.  We are open 7 days a week for your convience and details of all our trailers appear on our website or alternatively should you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to call.


Flatbed trailer hire

At Trailer Hire West Midlands where we are based in Studley, Warwickshire we offer flatbed trailer hire with our Ifor Williams 15’x6’8″ which has a 3500 kgs gross carrying capacity.  It also has a tiltbed with a mesh ramp on the back so is capable of also getting vehicles onto it.  For those vehicles which are slightly longer than this it has a removable head board so that they can fit on.  There is also a winch attached for vehicles that do not drive so that they can be winched on.

Flatbeds have many uses such as carrying heavy bulky items such as machinery, tractors and lately we have even had a couple of hot tubs moved using a flatbed trailer.  We will also be acquiring a larger flatbed car trailer on 16th April 2013 which is 18’x7′ so is capable of carrying those larger vehicles and very long and bulk objects.  We also have two smaller flatbed trailers for those smaller jobs and one of them is an Ifor Williams GD84 which is 8’x4′ and is capable of carrying around one tonne and is fitted with mesh sides.  The second smaller flatbed is an Ifor williams GD105 which is capable of carrying approximately 2 tonnes and is a twin axel trailer measuring 10’x5′ so you can get your heavier items on this smaller compact trailer.

Should you be looking to transport or move a large heavy or bulky item then visit Trailer Hire West Midlands today.

Moving a classic car

Here at Trailer Hire West Midlands we understand how important it would be if you were moving a classic car which is why we have 2 of the latest car transporter trailers for hire.  One is a Brian James clubman tiltbed trailer which will carry 2 tonnes and has recently been updated.  The second one is an Ifor Williams tiltbed trailer which will carry 2.7 tonnes which has also recently been updated, so we are confident that these trailers will take you where you need to go safely and securely ensuring you reach destination. 

Therefore if you are in need of moving a classic car you should find someone who specialises in car trailer hire such as Trailer Hire West Midlands who have the latest and best makes of trailers available.  Here at Trailer Hire West Midlands where we are based in Studley, Warwickshire, we also have a 4×4 vehicle which is also ready for hire and has a tow bar fitted, together with an excellent towing weight of 3300 kgs if you did not have a suitable towing vehicle.  If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us today either via email or phone.

Trailer hire for events

With the spring fast approaching, Trailer Hire West Midlands are starting to get enquiries for up and coming events where people would hire a large box van trailer that would be capable of transporting all of their goods and equipment to different events around the country where companies would display their goods and services and have them on offer to the public in the hope of gaining a lot more business. 

It is a cost effective way to transport your bulky items or a large quantity to the different events so a good way of doing it would be to hire a box van trailer.  Such as our Ifor Williams BV105 box van trailer which measures 10x5x6ft head room.  This trailer also has a wrap at the back for easy access and with the 6ft headroom makes it easy to walk in out of when collecting your materials from the trailer.  Trailer Hire West Midlands are based in Studley in Warwickshire and are always available for you to talk to us about block bookings and different hire periods on our trailers.

Arrival of 3 new trailers

Trailer Hire West Midlands are announcing the arrival of 3 new trailers due to our ever expanding trailer hire company as we were receiving high demand from customers who were looking to move extra large items where a flatbed trailer was needed.  These items included such things as a hot tub, long lengths of steel, a mini digger, heavy slabs, heavy sand bags as used by builders etc.  The first trailer is an Ifor Williams GD84 8′ x 4′ with mesh sides and a ramp so this could be used for trips to the tip and to get all of those awkward items such as trees, branches etc in.  The next trailer is an Ifor Williams GD105 which is bigger at 10′ x 5′ and the last trailer being an Ifor Williams TB4621 which is a 15′ x 6′ x 8″ tiltbed flatbed trailer with a full width mesh ramp and a 3 tonne winch so this could also be used to put large heavy vehicles on.  Trailer Hire West Midlands are your local trailer hire company based in Studley, Warwickshire so please take a look at our website today to see if we have the right trailer for your needs.

Trailer hire Wilmcote

Trailer Hire West Midlands are becoming bigger by supplying more areas with quality trailers for hire at very reasonable prices.  If you are looking for trailer hire and you are in the Wilmcote area of Warwickshire then a good choice for you would be Trailer Hire West Midlands who are based in Studley and is within 15 to 20 minutes of Wilmcote and we have a great selection of trailers for hire which can be put to many uses such as the person who is coming today for a small Ifor Williams 6x4x4 box van and is going into your Europe to move some belongings back to England and this small Ifor Williams box van is the perfect choice to do such a job as it is light weight and you hardly notice that you are towing it.  You can get awkward and bulky items into it and bring them back easily with no hassle.  So please visit our website today to see if we have the right trailer to suit your needs.

Moving house

If you are moving house in the near future then you will have noticed how expensive it is with all of the different costs associated with moving.  One of the larger costs would be to move your belongings and house contents.  Therefore you would need to either hire a large van which could prove quite costly or you would need to employ a removal company or you could hire a large box van trailer from a company such as ours at Trailer Hire West Midlands.  We have an Ifor Williams BV105 box van trailer which measures 10ft by 5ft, by 6ft headroom with a ramp on the back so that you have easy access.  This can simply be put onto the back of your own vehicle and be towed to your new home.  If you do not have a suitable tow vehicle then we can also help with that as we have  a 4WD that we can hire out for this very purpose.  So if you are moving house and would like to save a bit of money on your removal costs, then contact us at

Car Trailer Hire

If you have got a car to move or deliver maybe a non-runner or one that is not taxed or roadworthy, then maybe you need Car Trailer Hire.  It is a cost effective way to move your vehicle, Trailer Hire West Midlands can help you with this as we have car trailers to suit all budgets.  You need to make sure that you find the right make such as Brian James, Ifor Williams, Wessex or Blue Line Trailers as these are factory built and have the correct gross carrying weights so you know you are going to hire the right trailer for the job.  So simply call Trailer Hire West Midlands for all of your car trailer hire needs.

Box trailer hire

Box trailer hire can be a very cost efficient way to do whatever jobs you need to get done.  Rather than buying a big van and going to the expense of insuring it MOT’ing it and general maintenance costs or even hiring a van which can prove to be quite costly if you do cover a few miles you will get hit with an extra mileage cost.  Therefore the best way and the most cost efficient would be to hire a box trailer which you can get in all different sizes which fit all requirements.  For example if you were planning a car boot sale, a disco, a holiday, taking the bikes out or many other such ventures then a box trailer hire could be for you.  Trailer Hire West Midlands caters for all of a customers needs in Warwickshire, Redditch, Bromsgrove, Evesham, Worcestershire and the surrounding areas.  Our trailers are well looked after and are good makes such as Wessex, Indispension, Ifor Williams, Blue Line and Brian James.  These trailers have all stood the test of time and are factory built and have the correct weight limits on the chassis plates so that you know what gross weight that you are able to tow so that you do not exceed the limit.  Try us today for all of your trailer hire needs.