Trailer hire Habberley

People are still travelling from just outside of the area of Trailer Hire West Midlands, where we are based in Studley, Warwickshire from areas such as Habberley in Worcestershire.  We have been told that reliable local trailer hire companies are hard to come by which is why we are constantly striving to be the best and offer a highly competitive service and we are open 7 days a week for your convenience so a trailer can be hired with ease any day of the week at a very competitive rate.

We have trailers for all occassions such as camping, box van, motor cycle, car, flatbed, general duty and plant trailers.  All of which are less tan 12 months old and ready for hire so that they will not let you down.  We also offer the service of a 4WD vehicle which is fitted with a tow bar and electrics so that if you do not have a suitable tow car or one that does not have the correct towing capacity, then you can simply hire our 4WD vehicle at the same time you hire a trailer then you can tow your trailer with confidence knowing that you have got the correct vehicle for the job.

Whatever your trailer hire needs if you are in or around the Habberley area then give Trailer Hire West Midlands a call today and we will be pleased to help with any of your queries.

Flatbed trailer hire

At Trailer Hire West Midlands where we are based in Studley, Warwickshire we offer flatbed trailer hire with our Ifor Williams 15’x6’8″ which has a 3500 kgs gross carrying capacity.  It also has a tiltbed with a mesh ramp on the back so is capable of also getting vehicles onto it.  For those vehicles which are slightly longer than this it has a removable head board so that they can fit on.  There is also a winch attached for vehicles that do not drive so that they can be winched on.

Flatbeds have many uses such as carrying heavy bulky items such as machinery, tractors and lately we have even had a couple of hot tubs moved using a flatbed trailer.  We will also be acquiring a larger flatbed car trailer on 16th April 2013 which is 18’x7′ so is capable of carrying those larger vehicles and very long and bulk objects.  We also have two smaller flatbed trailers for those smaller jobs and one of them is an Ifor Williams GD84 which is 8’x4′ and is capable of carrying around one tonne and is fitted with mesh sides.  The second smaller flatbed is an Ifor williams GD105 which is capable of carrying approximately 2 tonnes and is a twin axel trailer measuring 10’x5′ so you can get your heavier items on this smaller compact trailer.

Should you be looking to transport or move a large heavy or bulky item then visit Trailer Hire West Midlands today.

7 seater car hire Birmingham

Seven seater car hire is becoming evermore popular in big cities like Birmingham for many reasons such as ever expanding families and people needing that larger 7 seater car to go on holidays, day trips etc.  This is why here at Trailer Hire West Midlands a Mitsubishi Pajero LWB diesel 4WD 7 seater car.

This is an ideal vehicle to hire as it is a cost effective way to travel.  It saves you the expense of owning one and the depreciation costs and servicing costs with tax, MOT and insurance.  When you have your annual holiday you can hire this 7 seater vehicle from Trailer Hire West Midlands and should you also need an appropriate trailer, we also have camping trailers to store all of your luggage and camping equipment.

Please feel free to give Trailer Hire West Midlands a call today or visit our website


Camping trailer hire

The sun has already started to shine in the United Kingdom and everyone is in the mood for a camping holiday for those that love the outdoor holiday.  As this is a great fun and economical way to get out of doors and away on holiday in the UK and suits most family budgets.

Here at Trailer Hire West Midlands we have a good selection of camping trailers which can be simply hooked up onto the back of your car hooked onto a tow bar, including all of your camping equipment which can be stored safely and securely in the back of the trailer and will be kept nice and dry for your arrival.  Also if you are taking bicyles on your trip, bike racks can be fitted to the top of the trailer.  So you and your family can be seated comfortably in your vehicle, however, if you do not have a suitable vehicle we also have for hire a 7 seater 4WD mitsubish pajero which is equiped with a tow bar.

If you already have dates in mind for your camping holidays for 2013 such as the school summer holidays, then call  Trailer Hire West Midlands today as these dates become booked very quickly due to the popularity of camping trailer hire.


Trailer hire Stoke Prior

Are you in the Stoke Prior area of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire and have been struggling to find a good local trailer hire company.  Then if so, Trailer Hire West Midlands who are based in Studley, Warwickshire as the areas that we supply are increasing on a daily basis as more and more local communities find out about our services and the excellent trailers that we have to offer for hire and the many uses that they can be put to.

We have  a trailer for every occassion from moving a motor bike or a car or going on holiday or even moving house.  If you do not have a suitable tow vehicle we have a mitsubishi pajero 4WD 7 seater vehicle which is equiped with a tow bar and is ready to pull any trailer fully loaded or even your caravan or just to hire if you are in need of the use of just a 4WD.

Visit today to view our full selection and prices, alternatively should you need to discuss your hire needs please call or email Trailer Hire West Midlands directly.

7 seater car hire Warwickshire

As the holiday season is fast approaching and the first of our many bank holidays with British Spring time on our doorstep people are contacting Trailer Hire West Midlands in need of 7 seater car hire and a trailer hire for going on their holidays or day trips and so can easily get the whole family in, together with all of their holiday equipment.

If you live in or around Warwickshire then you can contact Trailer Hire West Midlands today if you are in need of 7 seater car hire and possibly a trailer, we have a cost-effective solution for you and your family as we know that nowadays with the cost of living people will be looking at the best possible deal.

Trailer Hire West Midlands is based in Studley, Warwickshire and even though we serve people nationally our local customer base is growng on a daily basis due to our very keen prices and the latest equipment.


Camping trailer hire

The camping season is fast approaching and is within weeks away of when everyone will be getting out and about and enjoying their leisure time and bank holidays. 

Here at Trailer  Hire West Midlands we have just taken our first booking for the Easter break for camping trailer hire so it is important that if you are thinking of going away this year that you confirm your dates with a booking as our box van trailers and camping van trailers are getting booked up.  It is becoming evermore popular for people to holiday and go camping in the United Kingdom as the cost of foreign holidays is ever increasing and our budgets are becoming evermore stretched.  So camping in this country is great fun, exciting for family and friends and is economical. 

If you are thinking of camping trailer hire, then give Trailer Hire West Midlands a call today, where we are based in Studley in Warwickshire where we should have the ideal trailer to suit your needs.

Trailer hire for events

With the spring fast approaching, Trailer Hire West Midlands are starting to get enquiries for up and coming events where people would hire a large box van trailer that would be capable of transporting all of their goods and equipment to different events around the country where companies would display their goods and services and have them on offer to the public in the hope of gaining a lot more business. 

It is a cost effective way to transport your bulky items or a large quantity to the different events so a good way of doing it would be to hire a box van trailer.  Such as our Ifor Williams BV105 box van trailer which measures 10x5x6ft head room.  This trailer also has a wrap at the back for easy access and with the 6ft headroom makes it easy to walk in out of when collecting your materials from the trailer.  Trailer Hire West Midlands are based in Studley in Warwickshire and are always available for you to talk to us about block bookings and different hire periods on our trailers.

4×4 car hire Stratford Upon Avon

Here at Trailer Hire West Midlands where we are based in Studley, Warwickshire our 4×4 car hire service is becoming evermore popular and only this morning we have had a call off one of our regular customers from Stratford Upon Avon who would like to hire our 4×4 vehicle who needs to move his own trailer and due to the adverse weather conditions we are experiencing at the moment with the snow it makes driving conditions more difficult to get around. 

Therefore, hiring a 4×4 vehicle with a tow bar fitted from Trailer Hire West Midlands is an easy and cost effective for you to go about your daily activities, whether this is moving a trailer and making use of the tow bar on the vehicle and it’s 4 wheel drive system making it easier to travel in snow or extreme weather.  So if you are in or around the Stratford Upon Avon area and are in need of a 4 wheel drive car to hire, then give us a try as we are based in Studley, Warwickshire which is just a 15 minute drive away from Stratford Upon Avon.

Trailer hire Barnt Green

Trailer Hire West Midlands are gaining more hires on a daily basis from such areas as Barnt Green  in Worcestershire which is within 20 minutes of Trailer Hire West Midlands based in Studley, Warwickshire.  We had 2 gentleman from a building company based in Barnt Green in Worcestershire who found us through our website and advised they had not realised how close our company was to them.  They hired an Ifor Williams gd105 general duty 10ft by 5ft trailer which was going to be used to carry 40 slabs, weighing approximately 2 tonnes to a job they were undertaking.  They said our twin axel gd105 trailer was going to be perfect for the job they were doing.  They were very happy to find our trailer hire company with it being local to their business.  So if you are in need of hiring a trailer then visit our website or give us a call today to see if we have a trailer which suits your needs.