Box Trailers

Box trailers are a versatile add-on to your car which you can simply hitch up to a tow bar and away you go.  If you do not have a large estate car or vanou then a box trailer could be the perfect thing for you if you need to move a large amount of items ie for a car boot sale, a disco or if you were moving house or doing any activity or DIY job then a box trailer could be the tool for you.  It would possibly come with a roller shutter door on the back so that whatever you have inside can be locked inside safely and you can rest assured that your cargo will not be stolen.  Also you will need to make sure that you purchase the right box trailer that can carry the right weight for the job that you need to do.  This can be seen on the chassis plate which will be located on the trailer and it should say gross weight in kilo grammes.  You need to make sure that you do not exceed this weight when towing as this is the maximum weight that the trailer can carry.  Also you will need to hire a good make such as Wessex, Indespension, Blue Line or Bryan James.  These trailers are factory built and you can rely on them to do what they say the will do so that you can hire them to do your job and then hand them back when you are finished.