Hire a car or motorbike trailer for a track day

As we are now well into the summer people are out and about enjoying track days with their car or motorbike that has been in storage over the winter months.

Here at Trailer Hire West Midlands we have trailers that will cater for any type of track car from a small peugeot 205 to a high performance Ferrari as we have a number of car trailers and each of them have different capabilities and angles to get any motor car on.  We also have 2 and 3 motorbike trailers, so if you happen to be going to a track day with a friend, you can comfortably get 2 or 3 motorbikes on, as there is nothing worse  than having to ride your motorbike to the track where you are racing and the journey there can really take it out of you which could effect your performance!

We also offer the facility here at Trailer Hire West Midlands to hire a four wheel drive tow vehicle if you do not have a suitable vehicle for the job yourself or do not fancy putting the strain on your own car.  We are getting booked up for weeks in advance as people normally have their year mapped out when they will be doing a track day.

Trailer Hire West Midlands also offer the facility of the extra rear number plate that most people forget they need when they are hiring a trailer, so this facility and service will keep you fully road legal for the journey ahead

If you would like to hire a car or motorbike trailer for a track day then simply get in touch today and we will be glad to assist you in getting you booked in.

Trailer Hire Worcestershire, Warwickshire and Gloucestershire

Trailer Hire West Midlands has been expanding its client base, busy serving customers across the counties of Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. The hire of car transporter trailers, motorbike trailers, box trailers, camping trailers and 4×4 vehicles has continued to increase.

Customers have requested light trailers to attend track days including Donington Park, Silverstone, Thruxton, Goodwood, and Mallory Park. As a result we have invested in the Ifor Williams CT136. Customers have been happy with the trailer and flexibility of late returns on Sunday evenings following a weekends racing.

Customers hiring trailers have travelled from Upton Snodsbury, Pershore, Worcester, Chipping Campden, Cheltenham, Forest of Dean, Tewkesbury, Stourport on Severn, Kidderminster and Crowle. The prices are competitive and the opening hours allow Trailer Hire West Midlands to offer excellent customer service.

Trailer Hire West Midlands have had an increase in demand for 4×4 vehicles with a tow bar. Customer hire the 4×4 vehicles with a tow bar to transport caravans to new pitches at the start and end of the season. The 4×4 vehicles are also used to take large families on holidays as they have seven seats.

Trailers and 4×4 vehicles have been rented with customers collecting cars from ebay for restoration and repair. Parents also purchase vehicles for their children passing their driving test and require a car with minor repairs on a small budget.

Trailer Hire in areas south of Evesham

Since Trailer Hire West Midlands has relocated to Salford Priors, Near Evesham, we have found that sales have increased in recent months for our trailer hire services with people coming from areas south of Evesham such as Winchcombe, Cheltenham, Bourton-on-the-Water, Wormington, Bishops Cleeve and Dormington. Enquiries are even coming in from as far as The Forest of Dean.

The main reason why were are so successful is because of the great range of trailers for hire to meet everybody’s  individual needs and the fact that we are very flexible with our collection and return times, aiming to satisfy all our customers requirements seven days a week. Some of the trailers that we have on offer for hire include bike trailers capable of carrying up to three motorbikes, general duty trailers of all sizes with the capacity to carry up to two tonnes, a range of box van trailers which have many uses from relocating students and their belongings to and from University up to our larger box vans which has many uses including moving house in the UK and Europe and many of our customers have done. We also have flat bed and plant trailers up to 18ft.

We also have a range of car trailer transporters which are capable of moving any size of vehicle for track days, restorations projects, vehicle recovery and even new purchases on classic cars that are not presently have a taxed or have a current MOT.

For those customers that do not have a suitable tow vehicle we hire a 4WD equipped with at tow bar that is capable of towing 3300kgs. Our four wheel drive vehicles have been across to Europe on numerous occasions and recently just come back after towing a classic MGA to the South of France.

For all your trailer hire requirements especially if you are in areas south of Evesham such as Winchcombe, Cheltenham, Bourton-on-the-Water, Wormington, Bishops Cleeve and Dormington please give Trailer Hire West Midlands a call or email today and we will be happy to assist you.

Arrival of new Erde 3 bike motorcycle trailer for hire

Due to the increasing number of people who are hiring motorcycle trailers from us here at Trailer Hire West Midlands, we have just purchased an Erde 3 bike motorcycle trailer which is now ready for hire.  This trailer can be used for transporting 1, 2 or 3 motorcycles.  Whether you have just purchased a motorbike off for example ebay and it needs picking up, or you are going on track days, or alternatively possibly needing to transport your motorcycle for an MoT then you may want to give our new Erde 3 bike motorcycle trailer a try as it is a very sturdy, safe and reliable trailer.   Trailer Hire West Midlands are open 7 days a week for your convenience and are based in Studley, Warwickshire, so whatever your hire needs give us a try today.

Trailer Hire Lichfield

Have you been looking for a trailer hire company in or around the Lichfield area, if so Trailer Hire West Midlands can help.  We are within easy access of the Lichfield area as we are just 10 minutes off J3 of the M42.

Here we have a great selection of nearly new trailers which are all ready for hire and can be put to many uses.  We have a good selection of camping and box van trailers which can be used for holidays and those weekends away and which are becoming evermore popular these days with people holidaying in the UK more often.

We have 3 car transporter trailers so that whatever your vehicle you can be sure we will have the right trailer for your needs.  We also have motorcycle trailers which are very popular at this time of year, with people going to track days, moving newly purchased motorcylces.  In addition to these we also have general duty trailers which have many uses.

Whatever your trailer hire needs, if you are looking for trailer hire Lichfield and are struggling to find a trailer hire company then be sure to Trailer Hire West Midlands for a competitive quote today.


Trailer hire Lapworth

Here at Trailer Hire West Midlands where we are based in Studley, Warwickshire we are still gaining customers on a daily basis from areas such as Lapworth in Warwickshire as Lapworth is within approximately 20 minutes from us and is within easy access from all motorway routes and we are just off junction 3 of the M42.

We have a great selection of trailers ready for hire, all of which are getting booked for different dates throughout the year as we are now in British Summer Time and people are wanting to get out and about for holidays where our camping and small box van trailer would be used.  People are also getting out and about on track days and purchasing new vehicles where our car transporter trailer is used.  There are so many reasons that the services of Trailer Hire West Midlands could be used as we will see from the trailers for hire on our website

We also offer the service of hire of a 4WD 7 seater vehicle which is also ready for hire for those customers who do not have a suitable vehicle to tow with or have a tow bar fitted.

Please feel free to contact us here at Trailer Hire West Midlands to discuss any queries or alternatively visit our comprehensive website.


Trailer hire Clent

Now that the weather is changing and the sun is out, people are starting to get all of their jobs done which they had been putting off and they need to hire a trailer which is where Trailer Hire West Midlands can help.  If you are based in or around the Clent area of Worcestershire you are within 25 minutes of Studley, Warwickshire where we are based.

A spring clean is in the air as the weather starts to change and people are clearing out their attics looking to do car boots where a box van trailer would be handy, or just having a general clear out of garages, sheds and gardens where a general duty trailer would be needed.  Or maybe it is the time of year that you are now getting your motor bikes out to go on scrambling or track days, or you need to move a motorbike both of which you would need a motorcycle trailer.  We have a selection of trailers which would suit different types of motorcycles.  We also have car trailers for every size of vehicle and if you do not have a suitable towing vehicle, then we also have a 4WD 7 seater mitsubishi pajero with an excellent towing weight so you stay safe and legal while towing.  It also comes equiped with a tow bar and electrics.

Whatever your trailer hire needs if you are based in or around the Clent area of Worcestershire, then give Trailer Hire West Midlands a call today as we are open 7 days a week at your service.

Trailer hire Kingswood

Do you live in the Kingswood or surrounding areas?  Have you been looking for a trailer hire company which is local to yourself?  If so, then Trailer Hire West Midlands would be your perfect choice as we are situated in Studley, Warwickshire which is within 15 minutes of Kingswood and we always have a good selection of trailers ready for hire that can be put to a number of uses such as holidays, moving house, moving awkward objects that won’t fit into the boot of your car, moving tip rubbish which has been building up, or moving the car that has no MOT or tax which you have just purchased, moving cars for track days or race days, or a motorbike that needs picking up or going scrambling or racing.  So give Trailer Hire West Midlands a try today for your hire needs.