4wd hire Chipping Campden

At this time of year 4WD hire is in demand as people are out and about moving things around such as caravans which will need re-siting or people are simply towing them on holidays.  As the word spreads throughout local communities Trailer Hire West Midlands are finding that people are coming from areas such as Chipping Campden to hire a 4WD vehicle with a tow bar

We have 2 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8 turbo diesel 7 seater vehicles, which come equipped with a tow bar and are ready to move a caravan.  These vehicles can be put to many uses also.  These include towing trailers, which we have a great selection of here, ranging from motor bike to general duty to camping to box vans and car trailers.  If you do not have your own vehicle that comes equipped with a tow bar, then you can hire one of our 4WD vehicles which would also save you money as to keep a 4WD on the road for a whole year can work out very costly.  So why not hire one instead from Trailer Hire West Midlands today especially if you are local to us in or around the Chipping Campden area.

Trailer hire Stoke Prior

Are you in the Stoke Prior area of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire and have been struggling to find a good local trailer hire company.  Then if so, Trailer Hire West Midlands who are based in Studley, Warwickshire as the areas that we supply are increasing on a daily basis as more and more local communities find out about our services and the excellent trailers that we have to offer for hire and the many uses that they can be put to.

We have  a trailer for every occassion from moving a motor bike or a car or going on holiday or even moving house.  If you do not have a suitable tow vehicle we have a mitsubishi pajero 4WD 7 seater vehicle which is equiped with a tow bar and is ready to pull any trailer fully loaded or even your caravan or just to hire if you are in need of the use of just a 4WD.

Visit today to view our full selection and prices, alternatively should you need to discuss your hire needs please call or email Trailer Hire West Midlands directly.

Trailer Hire Henley In Arden

There are many uses that you can put a trailer to such as moving your pride and joy race car or rally car to a track day where you would need to hire a car trailer or maybe your precious motor bike or a motor cycle that you have just purchased and does not have tax or MOT or perhaps you are not insured for as yet, and you would need to hire a motor cycle trailer and you live in Henley In Arden or within the surrounding area then you should give Trailer Hire West Midlands a call today as we are within 15 minutes of Henley In Arden as we are based in Studley in Warwickshire and we have a large selection of trailers for hire which include car, motor bike, flatbed, box van, camping and general duty trailers all priced very reasonably and are ready for use today.  So if you have a need for the rental of one of our trailers then please give us a call today as we are specialists in car trailer hire and have many of the trailers that can be put to many uses today.

Trailer Hire Dorridge

Have you been looking for a local trailer hire company in and around the Dorridge area to put to use one of the many uses that trailers have such as moving a motor bike or a car or moving a large object where you may need a flatbed or a large box van trailer.  The smaller box van trailers can be used for camping or general holidays as they are great for fitting all sorts of stuff inside them.  Dorridge is within 20 minutes of Studley in Warwickshire where Trailer Hire West Midlands is based and we have a good selection of car, motor bike, camping, box van, flatbed and many more trailers for hire at competitive rates.  We are a local company with all of the latest trailers ready for hire at fantastic rates so give us a try today.

Trailer hire Moseley

Moseley in Birmingham is close to the city centre and you would think that there would be a few trailer hire companies around, but as it is there are not many to choose from.  If you are in need of hiring a trailer then a good choice would be Trailer Hire West Midlands who are within 30 minutes of the heart of Moseley.  We are straight up the A435 which is one road into Studley.  If you are in need of hiring a trailer whether it be a car, camping, motor bike, box van, flat bed, horse box or any other trailer and you are situation in Moseley, Birmingham then why not give us a try as Trailer Hire West Midlands can cater for your hire needs.

Trailer Hire Alcester

Did you have a particular job in mind that you needed the use of a trailer and you live in the Alcester area of Warwickshire such as moving a motor bike that you have just purchased or maybe going on a track day or scrambling or possibly moving a car that does not have an MOT or a non runner or not insured, or maybe even a classic car.  You could possibly be planning your summer holidays or just a weekend camping where you would need one of our camping trailers or maybe you ae moving an awkwardly shaped item or moving various objectives around where you would need a box van.  Trailer Hire West Midlands has all of these trailers for hire and we are within 10 minutes of Alcester, Warwickshire.  So why not visit our website and see our reasonable rates for hire.

Trailer hire Stourbridge

Have you been looking for a local trailer hire company because you have been in need of a particular trailer for a job that you may have been struggling to do such as moving a car that does not have any tax or mot or is a non-runner or moving an awkward shaped object that does not fit in a car where you would need a box van trailer or maybe you are planning a holiday or going camping or even moving a motor bike then you should try Trailer Hire West Midlands as we are closer than you think from Stourbridge.  Studley which is where we are based in Warwickshire is within 35 minutes of Stourbridge.  So take a look on our website and see if one of our trailers suits your needs.

Trailer Hire Rubery

If you have been looking for a local trailer hire company in or around the Rubery area of Birmingham you might have found that there are not many companies that have the right trailers in stock for you to hire if you had a specific job in mind such as moving a motor bike where you would need a bike trailer or transporting a car or perhaps moving some rubbish to a tip or moving house where you would need a box van or maybe evening planning your summer holidays where you would hire a camping trailer.

Trailer Hire West Midlands is your local hire company based in Studley Warwickshire where we have a large selection of trailers in stock and ready to hire. Studley, Warwickshire is within 30 minutes from Rubery in Birmingham so take a look at our website and see if we have what you are looking for.

Hire trailer

If you are looking to hire a trailer such as a box or bike or car trailer, then Trailer Hire West Midlands could assist you.  We have trailers that will suit many jobs such as bike trailers that will move your motor bike across the country for a minimal hire charge and large box trailers that are very versatile and can be used for a number of different reasons such as car boot sales and general DIY purposes or small house moves and we also have a car trailer which you can move any classic car or untaxed vehicle to a destination of your choice.  Simply email us or phone us to see if we have a trailer to suit your needs and budget today.

Bike trailer hire

Bike trailer hire is quick and convenient for a number of reasons when you need to move a bike of any description for your pleasure or business, you may be moving bikes to a track day or going mountain biking or motor crossing or taking a motor bike which is a none runner or not taxed, then bike trailer hire could be for you.  All you need is a vehicle with a tow bar and a normal driving licence and simply come along to Trailer Hire West Midlands or give us a call and we will see if we have the right bike trailer for your needs.