Trailer Hire in areas south of Evesham

Since Trailer Hire West Midlands has relocated to Salford Priors, Near Evesham, we have found that sales have increased in recent months for our trailer hire services with people coming from areas south of Evesham such as Winchcombe, Cheltenham, Bourton-on-the-Water, Wormington, Bishops Cleeve and Dormington. Enquiries are even coming in from as far as The Forest of Dean.

The main reason why were are so successful is because of the great range of trailers for hire to meet everybody’s  individual needs and the fact that we are very flexible with our collection and return times, aiming to satisfy all our customers requirements seven days a week. Some of the trailers that we have on offer for hire include bike trailers capable of carrying up to three motorbikes, general duty trailers of all sizes with the capacity to carry up to two tonnes, a range of box van trailers which have many uses from relocating students and their belongings to and from University up to our larger box vans which has many uses including moving house in the UK and Europe and many of our customers have done. We also have flat bed and plant trailers up to 18ft.

We also have a range of car trailer transporters which are capable of moving any size of vehicle for track days, restorations projects, vehicle recovery and even new purchases on classic cars that are not presently have a taxed or have a current MOT.

For those customers that do not have a suitable tow vehicle we hire a 4WD equipped with at tow bar that is capable of towing 3300kgs. Our four wheel drive vehicles have been across to Europe on numerous occasions and recently just come back after towing a classic MGA to the South of France.

For all your trailer hire requirements especially if you are in areas south of Evesham such as Winchcombe, Cheltenham, Bourton-on-the-Water, Wormington, Bishops Cleeve and Dormington please give Trailer Hire West Midlands a call or email today and we will be happy to assist you.

Trailer hire Ullenhall

Are you look ing for a local trailer hire company around the Ullenhall area of Warwickshire, then if so Trailer Hire West Midlands should be your number one choice as we are based in Studley, Warwickshire which is within 15 minutes of Ullenhall.  We have a good selection of trailers that can be put to many uses such as our 1 or 2 bike motor trailers, our camping, box van, flat bed, car or general duty trailers which also have many uses and are ready for hire at great rates which start at £20 per day, together with flexible rates for longer term hires.

Trailer Hire Coventry

Have you been searching for a local company that does trailer hire around the Coventry area and not had much joy then you should give Trailer Hire West Midlands a try as we are a local company and closer than you think to the Coventry area and being about 30 minutes from Coventry.  Trailer Hire West Midlands have trailers for all ocassions and all hires such as car, camping, box van, flat bed, motorbike, horse box and general duty trailers all ready for immediate hire and with excellent rates.  We are based in Studley, Warwickshire and cater for all of your hire needs so why not give us a try today.

Trailer hire Moseley

Moseley in Birmingham is close to the city centre and you would think that there would be a few trailer hire companies around, but as it is there are not many to choose from.  If you are in need of hiring a trailer then a good choice would be Trailer Hire West Midlands who are within 30 minutes of the heart of Moseley.  We are straight up the A435 which is one road into Studley.  If you are in need of hiring a trailer whether it be a car, camping, motor bike, box van, flat bed, horse box or any other trailer and you are situation in Moseley, Birmingham then why not give us a try as Trailer Hire West Midlands can cater for your hire needs.

Trailer Hire Kings Norton

Trailers have many uses and can be used for things that you do not normally think of like the holiday you may be planning this year where you would need a camping trailer as trying to get all of your goods into the back of your car as well as your family and possibly two or three bikes is quite a task.  So if you were to hire a camping trailer local to kings norton you could save yourself a lot of aggravation and get all of your holiday equipment and belongings in comfortably.  Finding a good local trailer hire company can be a bit of a task, but if you live in or around King’s Norton then you are about 30 minutes from Studley which is where Trailer Hire West Midlands is based.  We have all types of trailers for hire which include, car, motorbike, camping, box van, horse box, flatbed and general duty trailers.  So if you are in or around the Kings Norton area of Birmingham and need to hire a trailer give us a try today.