Trailer Hire Solihull

If you are looking for trailer hire in Solihull or other areas, then Trailer Hire West Midlands could be your perfect choose as we are a local company and supply trailers to suit all needs such as box trailers, transporters, car trailers and many more.  We have hire from one day up until as long as you require to hire a trailer and we have flexible rates thereafter.  We can assist you in hitching up your trailer and also give you all of the guidelines and special requirements you will need to tow the trailer for the duration of your hire.   So call Trailer ire West Midlands today for all of your

Box Trailers

Box Trailers can be useful for a variety of reasons.. If your planning on clearing out the garage or the garden and you need to make a trip to the skip then you could hire a box trailer for the day to carry all of your waste. Also you could use it if your moving house and need to carry a large amount of boxes or belongings which wont fit in a car! Trailer Hire West Midlands can hire a trailer out to you for as long as you need at a reasonable price! Just call 01527526250

Car Trailer Hire UK

If your in need of a car trailer in the UK whether you want to hire it yourself or whether you need us to pick up or deliver a car for you, we can help! Trailer Hire West Midlands is a family run company who offer Car Trailer Hire in the UK for a very reasonable price! We can safely hitch your trailer and provide you with information on how to look after your trailer and use it safely throughout the hire period. Car Trailer Hire from Trailer Hire West Midlands couldn’t be easier. and we also make sure we arrange dates and times which suit YOU. We’ll do all the work!