Trailer Hire Birmingham

If you are looking to hire a trailer in or around the Birmingham area then you should try as we have a large selection of trailers for you to choose whatever you may be looking for such as camping, flatbed, car, motorbike, horse, general purpose , gardening, box, trailers to choose from you.  Trailer Hire West Midlands is based in Studley in Warwickshire which is 20 minutes from Birmingham and we have reasonable rates on all of our trailers for hire.  So whatever your need if you are maybe moving a car, going camping, have a large item to move on a flatbed or need to move your motorbike somewhere or maybe put your horse in the back of a horse box or maybe doing some gardening or whatever the reason you can choose when of our general purpose trailers and either hire for the day or if it suits we are flexible for longer term hires, give us a try today to see if we have the right trailer for your hire needs.

Hire trailer

If you are looking to hire a trailer such as a box or bike or car trailer, then Trailer Hire West Midlands could assist you.  We have trailers that will suit many jobs such as bike trailers that will move your motor bike across the country for a minimal hire charge and large box trailers that are very versatile and can be used for a number of different reasons such as car boot sales and general DIY purposes or small house moves and we also have a car trailer which you can move any classic car or untaxed vehicle to a destination of your choice.  Simply email us or phone us to see if we have a trailer to suit your needs and budget today.

Hire Trailer

If you need to hire a Trailer then trailer hire west midlans can assist you with any type of trailer and can provide a great price to suit the period of hire you need! whether its a few hours or a whole week we can offer you a good quality trailer with all the instructions on how to safely hitch and maintain your trailer. If you just needed to hire our services to collect or deliver something we can also do that! we have box trailers, bike trailers and car trailers so we can do it all!

Trailer Hire Redditch

If you’re looking to hire a trailer in Redditch then Trailer Hire West Midlands can help! We are a family run business based in Studley which is only 5 minutes from Redditch. We have a selection of trailers available to hire including Box Trailers, Bike Trailers and Car Trailers and we can help you to safely hitch and look after your trailer. We offer hire from a day to a week and longer terms can be arranged. To find out more information or to book a trailer hire call Paul on 07973883674.

Bike Trailer Hire UK

If you need to move, deliver or collect a bike then Trailer Hire West Midlands can provide you with the perfect trailer at a reasonable price. You can hire the trailer for as long as you need it and all you need to do is leave a deposit! We will show you how to safely hitch your trailer and attatch your bike safely. Alternatively we can move, deliver or pick up the bike for you and we can arrange delivery dates and times to suit you! If you’re interested or want any more information on Trailer Hire in the uk or around the West Midlands call Paul on 01527853397.

Box Trailers

Box Trailers can be useful for a variety of reasons.. If your planning on clearing out the garage or the garden and you need to make a trip to the skip then you could hire a box trailer for the day to carry all of your waste. Also you could use it if your moving house and need to carry a large amount of boxes or belongings which wont fit in a car! Trailer Hire West Midlands can hire a trailer out to you for as long as you need at a reasonable price! Just call 01527526250

Car Trailer Hire Redditch

If you need to hire a trailer to collect in the redditch area, deliver or just move a car then Trailer Hire West Midlands are the perfect company for you! We can either hire the trailer out to you with full instructions on how to safely hitch and manouver your trailer, or we can simply collect, deliver or move the car for you! We can arrange dates and times to suit you and will do all the work! If you’re interested in hiring a trailer to move around the redditch or further a field and whether its for a car, motorbike or a box trailer, call 01527853397 or email

Trailer Hire Stratford Upon Avon

If  you are looking for trailer hire in and around Stratford Upon  Avon, then Trailer Hire West Midlands can help you.  We have a range of trailers to suit you and your business from box, camping, horse, car and bike trailers.  We can also arrange delivery in case you can not manage to tow the trailer yourself and we are a local company situated in Studley.  Trailers are an easy way to move anything from your household and garden rubbish to cars, bikes and motorbikes for various occasions and events.  So try Trailer Hire West Midlands today for all of your towing needs.