Arrival of Brian James TT series car transporter trailer

Trailer Hire West Midlands have had a delivery of our new Brian James TT series car transporter trailer which measures 18ft x 7ft wide so is capable of carrying extra long and extra wide vehicles.  This will benefit both past and present customers as the call for this type of trailer is high due to the length of a lot of modern vehicles and estate cars and vans which have extra wide wheel base.

We are offering this trailer for hire for a competitive price and as you will find with Brian James trailers it is very streamlined and easy to tow so you will be happy to hire it.

If you do not have a suitable tow vehicle then we can help with this too as we have a Mitsubishi Pajero 7 seater car which has a towing capacity of 3300 kgs which is also ready to hire.  If you have any queries on our new Brian James TT series car transporter trailer then we will be only too pleased to help.


7 seater car hire Birmingham

Seven seater car hire is becoming evermore popular in big cities like Birmingham for many reasons such as ever expanding families and people needing that larger 7 seater car to go on holidays, day trips etc.  This is why here at Trailer Hire West Midlands a Mitsubishi Pajero LWB diesel 4WD 7 seater car.

This is an ideal vehicle to hire as it is a cost effective way to travel.  It saves you the expense of owning one and the depreciation costs and servicing costs with tax, MOT and insurance.  When you have your annual holiday you can hire this 7 seater vehicle from Trailer Hire West Midlands and should you also need an appropriate trailer, we also have camping trailers to store all of your luggage and camping equipment.

Please feel free to give Trailer Hire West Midlands a call today or visit our website


Trailer hire Feckenham

Have you been looking for a local reliable trailer hire company and you live in or around the Feckenham area of Worcestershire.  Trailer Hire West Midlands who are based in Studley, Warwickshire  are within 10 minutes of Feckenham and not only have  a good selection of trailers at reasonable rates which include motorcycle, box van, camping, plant, general duty, flatbed and car trailers, but we are open 7 days a week for your convenience. 

Whatever the job you have in mind for the hire of a trailer, then rest assured Trailer Hire West Midlands will have one to do the job for you.  If you do not have  a suitable towing vehicle, then we also have on our hire fleet a mitsubishi pajero 4WD 7 seater car, which is equiped with a tow bar and electrics which has a great towing capacity of 3300 kgs so that you can comfortably tow one of our largest trailers fully loaded, safely and within legal limits. 

If you require any further information or details, please either view our website or contact us directly by telephone.

4×4 car hire Birmingham

Are you in need of 4×4 car hire and you are in or around the Birmingham area of West Midlands.  Then a good choice for you would be Trailer Hire West Midlands based in Studley, Warwickshire.  We now have on our fleet a mitsubishi pajero 4×4 7 seater car which is equiped with a tow bar and electrics which would be ready for you to tow your caravan, take you on holiday or even if you needed extra storage space to hook up one of our small box van trailers or camping trailer where you can comfortably store all of your holiday equipment such as cases, bicycles etc. 

4×4 car hire is a cost effective way to transport you and your family wherever you need to go anywhere in the country or even abroad as some of our customers are doing so that you can simply have the vehicle when you need it rather than paying all of the costs associated when owning one of these vehicles,  such as tax, MOT, servicing, tyres and all consumable items and the depreciation of this vehicle. 

So whatever your 4×4 car hire needs contact Trailer Hire West Midlands for an upbeatable quote today.