Trailer hire Inkberrow

Trailer Hire West Midlands are continuing to grow on a daily basis and our customer base is becoming forever bigger and we are attracting more customers who require trailer hire in areas such as Inkberrow in Worcestershire..

As we serve more customers who require our services, they are spreading the word to friends, family and work colleagues who have also been in similar situations and have needed to move numerous items such as a car they have just purchased that has no MOT or tax, or that they are not insured to drive, motorbikes, or they are maybe moving house where they would require one of our large box van trailers or even going on holiday or camping where a small box van trailer would do the job.  Another need for trailer hire is when people are clearing their gardens or houses of rubbish and need a general duty trailer.

Whatever your need, visit Trailer Hire West Midlands today where we are based in Studley, Warwickshire just 10 minutes away from Inkberrow.


Camping trailer hire

The sun has already started to shine in the United Kingdom and everyone is in the mood for a camping holiday for those that love the outdoor holiday.  As this is a great fun and economical way to get out of doors and away on holiday in the UK and suits most family budgets.

Here at Trailer Hire West Midlands we have a good selection of camping trailers which can be simply hooked up onto the back of your car hooked onto a tow bar, including all of your camping equipment which can be stored safely and securely in the back of the trailer and will be kept nice and dry for your arrival.  Also if you are taking bicyles on your trip, bike racks can be fitted to the top of the trailer.  So you and your family can be seated comfortably in your vehicle, however, if you do not have a suitable vehicle we also have for hire a 7 seater 4WD mitsubish pajero which is equiped with a tow bar.

If you already have dates in mind for your camping holidays for 2013 such as the school summer holidays, then call  Trailer Hire West Midlands today as these dates become booked very quickly due to the popularity of camping trailer hire.


Trailer hire Stoke Prior

Are you in the Stoke Prior area of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire and have been struggling to find a good local trailer hire company.  Then if so, Trailer Hire West Midlands who are based in Studley, Warwickshire as the areas that we supply are increasing on a daily basis as more and more local communities find out about our services and the excellent trailers that we have to offer for hire and the many uses that they can be put to.

We have  a trailer for every occassion from moving a motor bike or a car or going on holiday or even moving house.  If you do not have a suitable tow vehicle we have a mitsubishi pajero 4WD 7 seater vehicle which is equiped with a tow bar and is ready to pull any trailer fully loaded or even your caravan or just to hire if you are in need of the use of just a 4WD.

Visit today to view our full selection and prices, alternatively should you need to discuss your hire needs please call or email Trailer Hire West Midlands directly.

Trailer hire Cofton Hackett

Are you in need of a local trailer hire company for the endless jobs you can do with a trailer and that you seem to need at this time of the year.  Trailer Hire West Midlands would be an ideal choice for you as we are within 20 to 25 minutes of Cofton Hackett as we are just one junction up on the M42 motorway just off junction 3 onto the A435 into Studley, Warwickshire.  We have a great selection of trailers ready for hire such as motorcyle, car, flatbed, utility/general duty, box van and camping trailers and also a 4×4 vehicle ready for use with a tow bar if you did not have a suitable vehicle yourself to tow a trailer or your vehicle did not have the correct towing weight.  So if you live in Cofton Hackett or the surrounding areas take a look at our website, and see if we have anything in to suit your needs.

4×4 hire Studley

Trailer Hire West Midlands of Studley, Warwickshire have found at this time of year it is especially becoming evermore popular for people to hire a 4×4 vehicle as for one reason or another vehicles are breaking down because of cold temperatures for silly reasons such as brakes seizing on and engines not having the right coolant in and freezing up, alternators, starter motors and batteries not working correctly due to the cold temperatures so people suddenly need to hire a 4×4 vehicle to replace their own car and go about their normal day to day activities.    People are also looking for cheap hires as normally it is very expensive to hire a 4×4 vehicle from the majority of hire companies. 

These hire vehicles can also be put to a number of uses such as towing a trailer that has a heavy load on it where your own vehicle does not have the correct towing weight for the job. 

So if you live in or around Studley in Warwickshire, then give Trailer Hire West Midlands a call today or take a look on our website and you will see our 4×4 vehicle that we have for hire at very cheap rates so it is a very cost effective hire for all budgets.

4×4 hire West Midlands

Hiring a 4×4 vehicle is becoming evermore popular for a number of reasons as Trailer Hire West Midlands, based in Studley in Warwickshire, has found out recently because people are hiring trailers and they either do not have a tow bar on their vehicle or they are hiring a large trailer to pull a car or a heavy object and their own vehicle does not have the right towing weight, which is not only illegal, but dangerous.   If  you are in or around the West Midlands area and are in need of 4×4 hire then your number one choice would be Trailer Hire West Midlands and now even more so as temperatures are dropping and snow will no doubt be here at any point the use of a 4×4 vehicle could be just what you need to get you through the snow and bad weather so that you can carry on with your day to day activities.  So whatever the reason, simply call us or visit our website to see what we have to offer today.

Trailer hire Shirley

If you are in or around  the area of Shirley in the West Midlands and you are in need of hiring a trailer then a good company to choose would be Trailer Hire West Midlands as we are just one junction down the M42 motorway off junction 3 and down the A435 into Studley so you are within 20 minutes of us.  We have a great selection of trailers to choose from which can be put to many uses and also have a 4 wheel drive vehicle which we also hire out for those of you who do not have a suitable towing vehicle for your car.  Our 4 wheel drive vehicle has a towing capacity of 3300 kgs which is more than enough for most jobs.  So if you do live in Shirley or the surrounding areas then Trailer Hire West Midlands is surely the choice for you.

Trailer hire Ettington

Trailer Hire West Midlands are expanding it’s trailer hire business by offering a great selection of trailers which are updated on a regular basis so that the trailers are always nearly new so that customers hire trailers in the best possible condition and at competitive prices.  Trailer Hire West Midlands also offers great flexibility being available 7 days a week so if you are based in the Ettington area of Stratford Upon Avon, then we would be  a good choice for you being based in Studley, Warwickshire.  We have a great selection of trailers which include car, motorcycle, general duty trailers with mesh sides, flatbeds, box vans and camping trailers so if you are in the Ettington or surrounding areas then give us a try as Studley is within 25 minutes of yourselves.

Trailer hire Meriden

Have you been wandering how to move that car that is sat on your drive and has no tax or MOT or the vehicle you have just purchased through Ebay or another source, then a good idea for yourselves would be to arrange a car trailer hire which would do the job perfectly for you.  So if you are based in the Meriden area of Coventry and are struggling to find a local trailer hire company to arrange car trailer hire, then Trailer Hire West Midlands could be a perfect choice for you as we are based in Studley, Warwickshire which is just a few junctions down the M42 motorway and is within 30 minutes of Meriden.

Trailer hire Hampton in Arden

Hampton in Arden in Warwickshire is a relatively small place so if you are looking for a trailer hire company then you will  have to broaden your horizons in your search, but you will not have to look too far as there is a trailer hire company local to you and is within 15 minutes of Hampton in Arden which is Trailer Hire West Midlands which is in Studley and have a great selection of trailers ready for hire which include car, camping, motorcycle, flatbed, general and box trailers all of which have many uses and are available from a one day hire to a term which suits yourself.